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About The Strategic Journal

The Strategic Journal is a project created by the Paladin 7 Group, intended to fill a gap between the intelligence community and those in the general public who cultivate a passion for matters of counterterrorism, intelligence, and international security. 


The Strategic Journal offers its readers an insight into the mind of its expert security professionals, who can share their expert opinion on current developments, but also narrate the challenges surrounding the contemporary security environment, or recount their career experiences in one of the most secretive professional fields in the world. 

Intelligence and counterterrorism are not just made of analysis and threat reports: they are made of people with stories, decades of experience, and crucial expertise to understand what is really going on in the world. In this blog-like platform, senior security professionals linked to the Counterterrorism Group will share their thoughts, opinions, and strategic forecasts, knowing that beneath their readers lays the next generation of Strategists.

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